Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Kansas

Just Released: "The Cry of A Stone"

 The Cry of A Stone Book
NOW available for purchase

RARE 1600’s Treatise by Pilgrim Robert Cushman is Published by 

General Society of Mayflower Descendants


Written by a Scrooby Separatist shorty before the Mayflower sailed, 

The Cry of a Stone reveals religious tolerance unknown among the Anglican Church or Strict Separatists.

With the gracious permission of the British Library Board, The Mayflower Society is pleased to announce the publication of Pilgrim Robert Cushman’s book The Cry of A Stone. First published in London in 1642, and long out of print, Cushman’s work was recently rediscovered by Dr. Stephen Foster, and has been rescued from obscurity by the efforts of editor Michael Paulick, who notes that this work is “the only known book written by a Pilgrim in 1619, close to the time of the Mayflower sailing.” This remarkable treatise provides an indispensable view of the attitudes and practices of the Pilgrim congregation in Leiden.

For the first time Pilgrim enthusiasts may read Cushman’s published original text together with a modern transcription, supplemented by annotations provided by noted Pilgrim scholar James W. Baker. The Cry of A Stone is a must read for all those interested in Mayflower Pilgrim history.